About Beth and Mark

We are a happy couple living in Raleigh, NC. This site is a fun way for us to share our thoughts, feelings, and happy memories with our family and friends. If you don't know us but enjoy reading anyway, that's ok too. We're friendly :)

Our Story

Beth and Mark met while they were both in college at UNC and NC State respectively. Both looked past the fact that they were rivals and began dating in June of 2003. They spent a glorious year together in the same state before Mark flew off to NYC to earn his Masters in Mathematics at New York University. As Beth was still in school at UNC, the only options were to date long distance or say goodbye for now. There was really only one choice that either of them wanted to acknowledge, so they began a two year journey into the ups and downs of the long distance relationship (obviously more ups than downs because they are now happily married :) ). The only reprieve was the summer between Beth's Junior and Senior year when she came up to experience the city (and be in the same city as Mark!) for a short time.

Mark received his Masters degree in January of 2006 and began the job hunt in the finance industry. He found a job a little before Beth graduated from UNC. Beth came to NYC and moved in with Mark (and his roommate) right after she graduated. On their three year anniversary, Mark proposed to Beth and she said "Really?!?" which Mark took as a yes... we think. They moved into their own one bedroom apartment soon after. Wedding planning happened from afar which meant a year and a half of trips back and forth to NC. They were finally married October 27th, 2007 in Carrboro, NC in front of their family and friends.

Life was good. New York was a cool place to be young. But something seemed a little off. One night while lying in bed talking, either Beth or Mark asked (they can't remember who asked first because they had both been thinking it for a while) if Mark or Beth had thought of maybe moving back to North Carolina one day. It was quite a surprise when he/she said yes. Then began the year of trying to negotiate moving back home. After a year of looking for jobs, the market tanking, and their lease expiring, they boldly decided to quit their jobs and move back to NC. Beth and Mark were very grateful when Mark's parents offered to let them stay in the guest bedroom until they were gainfully employed.

It took a while, but jobs came. Beth found a job with a local tv station website and Mark switched career paths and found his passion with a web development company. They bought their first house in April 2010 and just celebrated one year of being back in NC July 1st, 2010.

Life is good :)

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