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Our little girl is so big!

Little Miss Kennedy is 4.5 months old now and learning more each day. At bath time tonight she decided she was done with peaceful, reclining baths; she wanted to sit up and play! Here's a video of bath time :)

Our little girl is getting so big so fast!

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Forgive me: I come bearing gifts..

It's been forever since we've updated and I fully plan to use the "but we have a kid" excuse to the fullest :) To atone for our absence, here are a couple of videos of Kennedy doing what she does best: looking ridiculously cute.

Kennedy 2 Months

Kennedy 3 Months

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A room for Kennedy

It's been quite a while, but we have something to show for it :) While we wait for Miss Kennedy to make her grand entrance, here are some pictures of her room which we have been so diligently preparing.

Dresser/Changing Table

Here is the dresser/changing table. Momma Cindy had a friend make the wall hanging with Kennedy's name. I made the changing pad cover and Mark's mom Carol made the blue and green basket with pockets.

Painting of Mark as a kid by Grandpa Bruns

This is a painting that Mark's late Grandpa Bruns did based off of a photo of Mark as a child. We thought it would be a special reminder of him to have it in Kennedy's nursery.

Reading/Nursing Corner

We repainted Mark's old wooden bookshelf and the glider was a Craigslist find. Mark's mom Carol made the quilt :)

Close up on mobile

This mobile took me almost the entire nine months! I had the idea that I wanted to do this from pretty much day one, but I wasn't really sure how to execute it. Thanks again to Carol (and Dave) for helping us figure out how to hang it!

DIY bow holder

We received some hair bows at our shower so I decided to make a cute way to display/hold them. I painted a wooden letter and then just hot glued the ribbon (courtesy of our baby shower). I think it turned out pretty cute!

For more pictures, check out the full gallery.

And now we wait!

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