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Wedding Season

Beth and I are at that fun age when many of our friends and family are getting married and that means every spring through summer is wedding season. So far it's been a good time. Even through all of the craziness of moving into our new house we managed to go to three weddings in April and May. Here's a quick recap.

Kathy and Justin

Justin is a friend of mine and we have known each other since high school. We didn't really connect until college when we used to go out and party in Chapel Hill. In fact Justin is the reason that I met Beth. Later Justin brought Kathy to our wedding and just a few years later there we were at theirs. The wedding was beautiful. It was in a converted loft space with the ceremony and the reception in the same space. The ceremony was short and very them. They had a fun live band that passed out kazoos to everyone as a wedding favor.

Kiersten and Andrew

Andrew is a long time friend of my family. His parents have been friends with my parents as long as I can remember and since they have three boys (Andrew is their youngest) and we have three boys it just worked. Since he was a family friend that of course means my whole family was there. In fact Erin was awesome enough to drive us all in her new micro-van. Another short and sweet ceremony with both tears and laughter. A nice seated dinner then some dancing. It was fun. Maybe a little too fun because this has to be one of the first weddings where we couldn't last until the bride and groom left.

Julia and Sean

The latest wedding was for Beth's friends Sean and Julia. This was a little trip for us up to scenic Asheville. This wedding was in another loft-like space. Ceremony would have been better if there weren't two little monster kids in front of us. It was terrible. At least their parents took them home before they could terrorize the reception. It was a long night of drinking and dancing. Afterwards we hit a bar with some new friends from Dallas. Beth is just happy that one of her friends finally had booze at their wedding.

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Long time no post...

We've been super super busy as of late... We're officially homeowners! We closed on the house April 21st. After the painstaking mortgage process, I must say I was quite pleased with how smoothly the actual closing went. We were in and out with the keys in about an hour :-)

In the interest of not making this post into a novel, I've put together a timeline of the goings on in the past couple of weeks. There may be more in depth posts on some of these events in the future depending on if I can remember details/deem it slightly interesting :-)

  • April 21 - Wednesday: Keys! Paperwork is all done, and the house is ours. Change clothes, gather the crew (Carol, Dave, Grandma Bruns) and head over to paint the living room/hallway/loft/master bedroom.
  • April 22 - Thursday: Moved in some of the kitchen stuff (yay drinking glasses!)... unintentionally made Mark miss the NFL draft :-(
  • April 23 - Friday: Super exciting Friday night full of more painting. We were wild; we didn't finish until almost 11pm...
  • April 24 - Saturday: Painting again, moved in the rest of the kitchen stuff (thank you Grandma Bruns!)
  • April 25 - Sunday: I think we painted again... not really sure. All the days kind of ran together! Regardless, we finished! Also, thanks Matt for fixing the huge blue spot on the ceiling (a direct result of me painting/using a roller for the first time) :-)
  • April 26 - Monday: The carpets are cleaned and Carol weeds our back yard (I love my mother-in-law!). Then Mark and I move several loads of boxes/small furniture. Our little Vibe can hold A LOT!
  • April 27 - Tuesday: I go grocery shopping for the essentials/pantry items... spend the most money I've ever spent in a grocery store and still have nothing to eat...
  • April 28 - Wednesday: We round up our "muscle" and tackle the big furniture items. Mark, Dave, James, Matt and I (with help from Nicole after her training) move in all the huge stuff. You know, like our massive dresser/armoire/mattress/boxspring/kitchen cart/etc. Have I mentioned you guys are awesome? I mean it. And Erin used her new "microvan wagon" to bring us a bookcase for all our books without a home. Our books are very happy there. Once everything was in and our "muscle" had departed (after drinking a celebratory beer of course), Mark and I spent our first night in the house :-D
  • April 29 - 30: Unpacking/shuffling/rearranging
  • May 1 - Saturday: Andrew and Kiersten's wedding (Congratulations guys!). I show up with my beautiful bruises. I'm sure to tell everyone that they're relating to moving and that I'm not being abused. I think the beer helped with spreading that message...
  • May 2 - 6: More unpacking/rearranging/cooking!
  • May 7 - Friday: We buy some furniture. We needed a console table so Goldfish would have a home. We miss him. We also bought a storage bench with some ungodly complicated baskets that had to be assembled. My hands still hurt
  • May 8 - Saturday: I go to visit my family since it's Mothers' Day weekend. Mark attempts to mow the back yard... which is almost completely vertical. He gives up and buys a trimmer. It has to charge 8 hours before use so he gets out of yard work ;-)
  • May 9 - Sunday: Mark and I tackle the yard again. Mark succeeds in willing the mower to stay on the hill. He is awesome and deserves many compliments on his dedication to cutting the grass :-) We both used the trimmer (which is awesome... except my back hurts now) and we ripped up some weeds/Mark fought with the pompus grass around our mailbox. We hate that pompus grass and it must go very very soon. We filled up two large bins today with weeds/grass/stupid pompus grass that tore up our arms, so we had to stop when we ran out of room. Guess we can't do any yard work again until Friday when the yard waste is picked up ;-) Also, probably most importantly, Goldfish moved in! Our little family is now all settled into our new home :-)

So I think we're now up to date. The house is still a mess and not really put together yet, so we're not quite ready to share pictures...

I'm going to make this up and say ETA on pictures is May 31st... and hopefully there will be a few sneak previews before then :)

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