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Just call me Paula Deen...

Mark and I hosted a potluck dinner last night for the Triangle Young (ish) Couples Meetup group. A couple of months ago, we were debating what theme to go with for the food and drinks. Mark only remembers his contribution of "Under the Sea" which I quickly shot down. After running through all the options, the final result was "A Southern Affair". What embodies Southern cooking more than artery clogging fried chicken? Nothing, that's what. So I committed to fried chicken and drinks on the Meetup page. Simple, right? Ehh, not so much...

Truth be told, even as a Southerner born and raised, I had never fried chicken before. My first attempt was going to be for 10 people (plus me and Mark) that didn't know my cooking that well. I think this makes me certifiably insane! Instead of bowing out (Mark asked me the day of why we weren't doing pulled pork... thanks Mark; that suggestion was about a month late!), I pressed on and purchased a cast iron skillet and enough chicken pieces for a small village. Those of you who know me well know I tend to grossly overestimate when it comes to food :)

Mark set up a dredging station for me with an egg wash and an expertly seasoned flour and Panko bread crumb mix. Yes, we used Japanese ingredients in our fried chicken... Panko makes everything better! Aside from the chicken breasts taking forever to cook (Note to self: cut them up next time), the chicken turned out great! It was a pleasant surprise :)

Fried Chicken!

To go with the chicken, our guests brought lots of yummy sides. Sweet cornbread, barbecued ribs, macaroni and cheese, Texas potatoes, creamed corn, and deviled eggs rounded out the meal. For beverages, we had sweet tea (of course!) and Planter's Punch. And nothing says southern like fresh cut watermelon for dessert.

There were lots of great conversations and good times to be had. Thanks so much to our guests for making our first time hosting a potluck a success! We'd definitely do it again!

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