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More Races: Hope's Hope and Men's Only

The past two weekends were full of fun races. Last weekend we did the first annual Hope's Hope 5K on the American Tobacco Trail. Lots of family running in that one. Along with me and Beth we had Matt, James, Ken, Hope, Beth's sister Meredith, and Meredith's friend Brent. Wes and Reagan ran in the 1 mile fun run. James finished first overall, Matt was sixth, and I was ninth. Beth and I improved on our personal bests by about 2 mins. I finished in 22:25 and Beth finished in 31:06. I ended up winning the 20-29 age group since James won the overall. Matt had a lot stiffer competition in his age group and ended up third. Meredith and Brent seemed to have fun in their first 5K and hopefully we can talk them into running a few more.

Yesterday Matt, James and I ran in the Jordan Lake Men's Only Triathlon. I wasn't really happy with how I did in the Triangle Triathlon in July. I was proud to finish my first triathlon but I didn't meet the goals particularly on the bike and in the run. Even though I had been mentally committed to the race for a while we all signed up at the last minute. I've been riding regularly with Matt and James and other than my wreck a couple months ago I was feeling pretty good about the bike. With my new best the weekend before I was feeling good about the run too.

The swim started out pretty good. The water/air combo was a little cold but not too bad. I felt more comfortable in the open water fighting with the other racers. In the end my time wasn't as fast as July but I hadn't really done any training since July so I'm ok with that. My transition to the bike was a little slow as I struggled a bit with my jersey but once I was on the bike I felt good. I still got passed by a lot of people on the bike but I kept riding my race and ended up finishing right at my goal for the bike. As I came in on the bike I saw Matt finishing his run meaning I was off the bike before he finished, something else I failed to do in July. Going into the run I was feeling a million times better than I did at Triangle. Almost opposite of the bike I felt like I was passing people at will on the run. Ken and Matt had warned me about the hill on the run but nothing could really prepare me for it. Starting at the 1/2 mark the course seemed to go straight up for the next 1/2 mile. Once I was at the top I knew the worst was behind me and I just kept picking someone and passing them (as Ken would say). When I hit the 2 mile mark I knew it was all down hill and I was likely going to meet my goal. Then right in front of the water station at the 2.5 mile mark almost to the bottom of the hill I tripped running full speed and slid on my left side on the gravel. For a split second all I could think about was my bike wreck. I picked myself up as quickly as I could knowing I had left all of my dignity on the gravel and finished the last bit of the race. I finished the race bleeding and cramping but I did what I wanted to do. I finished the bike in under an hour (50:24) and the 5K in under 30 mins (25:47). James once again won his age group and Matt ended up second in his. Overall it was a great race and I'm really glad that we could all do it together and do so well.

I know it seems I'll only writing about running but I promise I have some other things to talk about. Besides I only have one more race scheduled this year.

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