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Where are the Photos?

You might notice that the site looks a little different and it is. The photo galleries are temporarily gone but they will be back. Sorry if there was something you really wanted to see.

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Our Adventures in the City of Bahston: Walking, Eating, and Drinking

The title of this post really sums up the remainder of our time spent in Boston. After our bike tour (which you can read about in Part 1), we headed back to the hotel to get out of our sweaty riding clothes and make ourselves presentable for the Bahstonians. We were famished after the ride so we decided to walk around and look for a late lunch. We came upon this cute little place downtown called Max and Dylan's Kitchen Bar. We took one look at the menu and we were sold. They had a category just for Mac and Cheese! This was our kind of place! (For more on our love of Mac and Cheese, see our post about Dumont Mac and Cheese here) It was a really cute place: very modern, with a lofted dining area. Mark had the Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese (which was quite yummy) and I had the Grilled Portobella sandwich with goat cheese and tomato jam (mmmm... goat cheese). And because we were on vacation, mojitos accompanied our lunch :) I had a blackberry mojito while Mark stuck with the classic. Gotta love drinking in the middle of day on a Friday :)

After lunch, we walked around the city mostly following the Freedom Trail. We made our way back to the North End and decided to stop in at Bacco for a few before dinner cocktails (we take our vacations seriously!). The bartender was super nice and let us try Absolut Boston... I wasn't really a fan of the vodka, but Boston was nice :)

After boozing it up all day, it was time for dinner. After polling our favorite Bahstonians and recent visitors to the city, it was unanimous that we should try Regina Pizzeria. It was packed! We waited in a line that stretched around the block. It moved pretty fast though and was totally worth the wait.

Mark enjoying his beer

Mark enjoying his beer

Beth enjoying hers ;)

Beth enjoying hers ;)

The food was delicious and the atmosphere was amazing. The waitstaff were very personable and there was at least one rousing rendition of Happy Birthday during our time there. We had a blast :)

Stay tuned for part 2 (hopefully a little sooner than 3 months from now)!

Missed part 1? You can find it here

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